Sabine Ercklentz



Sabine Ercklentz's room

Being a member of the Berlin Frauenmusikzentrum, where some 20 women share several rehearsal rooms, means I do not have a rehearsal space exclusively of my own. One reason for me sharing this space is simply a financial one: the less money I have to pay for rent the more time and energy I have at my disposal for my artistic work. More importantly, however, is the sense of cooperation and the communication within our community that I experience as well as contribute to.
Thus my rehearsal room situation provides retreat and protection in the basic physical sense of the word. This protected zone allows me to safely explore my inner space of imagination. It is this very room where I find artistic articulation and expression.
For me as a musician and composer, music is a vast expanse as yet uninscribed.
It is devoid of the constraints and limitations of everyday life. I can enter that room and apply my own rules and can thus create entire new worlds.

Born in 1967 in Mönchengladbach, Sabine Ercklentz studied law at the FU in Berlin, then earned a degree in instrumental pedagogy from the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler, Berlin in 1999.
Since 1998 she has been working as a musician and composer focusing on jazz and experimental music.
Since 1997 Sabine Ercklentz has been developing sounds on the trumpet which border between normal trumpet tone and noise (extended sounds). Furthering the possibilities of extended sound techniques comes from the use of live-electronics and analog electronics remixed from an independent sound source.
Since 2003 she has been developing further possibilities with the use of digital sound processing, and intensive work with Andrea Neumann bordering on composition and improvisation.
Participation in concerts and festivals throughout Europe