Andrea Neumann
inside piano, composition



Andrea Neumann’ room

One possibility to answer to this question, regarding the aspect of gender, room as a public/social room:

A room for my own is a room where i can create an atmosphere i like without making an effort.
As a female musician i find myself often in situations surrounded by a majority of men.
Assuming that - specially in groups - men have a different way of creating atmospheres than women, i'm often confrontated with an atmosphere which doesn't seem to be natural for me.
I have to make an effort to assimilate to the different way or to go in opposition to it or to do something else.
In any case it's work.
- it might be work to create an atmosphere i like surrounded by a majority of women, too.
But i experienced spaces where this was not the case.


Born 1968 in Freiburg, grew up in Hamburg. Piano lessons since 1974. Studied piano at „Hochschule der Künste“ in Berlin. Since 1996 primarily active as improviser and composer in the areas of experimental and new music.

In the process of exploring the piano for new sound posibilities, she has reduced the instrument to strings, resonance board and metal frame.With help of electronics to manipulate and amplify the sounds she has developed numerous new playing technics, sounds , and ways of preparing the dismantled instrument. Because of the weight of an original inside piano a piano builder (Bernd Bittmann, Berlin) constructed a new and lighter one.

She has worked intensively in the cross over area between composition and improvisation and in the field between electronic and handmade sounds with Berlin musicians such as Annette Krebs, Ignaz Schick, Axel Dörner, Robin Hayward, Burkhard Beins and Sabine Ercklentz. She has composed for inside piano for interdisciplinary projects such as film, dance and performance. Concerts and performances in Germany, Europe, USA and Japan.